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Some of our guests had this to say about their stay at HillsNek...

Zolani - Freshly Ground
Cape Town, South Africa

"This is a very special place. Thank you for treating us so so so well! We will continue to carry the spirit of conservation and love for our fellow creatures on into the outside world and encourage a spirit of respect and care in all who follow us. Thank you for sharing these wonderful gifts with us. Love Zolani."

Richard and Cari Woolcott
California, USA

"We LOVE HillsNek! What a wonderful place... The land, the animals, the lodge and hospitality was terrific. Thank you so much for making this trip so special... We will be back!"

Kelvin, Kammi, Kellen, Kody & Kacy Rosentreter Devon,
Alberta, Canada

"A safari of the self and spirit - thank you for feeding both so well. Maggie and Susan, your talent was appreciated. You have taken the art of dining to another level. David your knowledge and passion for your "lifestyle" is evident. Your desire to make the experience unforgettable shines through vividly. Brent a most gracious host. Thank you for making our once in a lifetime adventure so unforgettable and perfect in every way. Your attention to detail is outstanding! God bless in your quest to protect the rhino - we will do our part!!"

Inger Lise Loland, Odd Andreassen & Linn Skyum
Fredrikstad, Norway

"We are quite speechless, and find it difficult to express our feelings about being here... It has been THE adventure of our lives and if we have the chance, we will be back! Thank you all SO much for everything - you will stay in our minds and hearts. With love."

Paula Elias and Jane Hill
Oxford, England

"Thank you all so much for an amazing stay. A really perfect experience in every way. We are sad to leave but will do our best to return. You have a place that makes our SOULS sing."

Josh - Freshly Ground
Vredehoek, South Africa

"It has been a pleasure to be here and send big thanks to everyone here, from the kitchen to the game drive vehicle, you guys have been incredible and I have huge admiration for your passion to protect the Rhino. Wishing you success and am on stand-by to come back! Big love, Josh."


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