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A unique secret is that HillsNek Safaris is home to the 1st dinosaur fossil discovery In Southern Africa and possibly, the whole continent of Africa!

“Then over the Komga (River)…… Now we pass Dassiesklip, where the rocks change entirely. There, to the left, lies “Iguanodon-hoek”, where Bain and I years ago exhumed huge bones of some extinct Saurians – one, from the jaw and serrated teeth, I fancy some huge Iguanodon.”

A reference by Dr William Guybon Atherstone in the Cape Monthly Magazine (1871) to dinosaur fossils Paranthodon africanus found in 1845 on the farm Bushman’s River (182) by himself and Mr. Andrew Geddes Bain.

HillsNek Safaris is set on Bushman’s River (182) a topographically diverse section of land that holds sanctuary to “Iguanodon-hoek” and the fossil site of Paranthodon africanus the first Southern African Dinosaur discovery.

This land is now incorporated into the established Amakhala Game Reserve allowing current conservation efforts by HillsNek Safaris, primarily that of the White Rhino Ceratotherium simum , to blend with the conservation of palaeontology. Restricted access helps in the preservation of this sensitive and historical site.

It seems fitting that the responsibility of protecting a species such as rhino who have been in existence for almost 150 million years, shares common ground with the extinct giants our past.

Amakhala Game Reserve also funds and supports the well-established Amakhala Conservation Centre, funded in part by the member Lodges on the Reserve and other donations. The Conservation Centre plays an extremely important part on the Reserve, delivering to its 3 primary objectives: Research and Monitoring; Environmental Education; and Conservation.